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Imperial Kratom was founded in 2012 by Clara and Craig Plummer through their journey to the discovery of this beautiful plant.  Clara herself was 5 years into struggling with addiction to opiates.  It all started with the tragedy that Hurricane Katrina had inflicted on this family financially, socially, mentally and emotionally.  They had lost everything and for Clara it was unbearable.  She then had to get a surgery that resulted in being prescribed hydrocodone…the addiction began.  After a nationwide opiate epidemic became apparent to our politicians, doctors began cutting people off of their prescribed medicines – Clara was one of them.  She turned to the streets finding whatever opiate like pill she could find to numb herself.  Eventually she admitted to her doctors the amount of opiates she was taking on a daily basis and in an effort to help her get off opiates, her doctor put her on Methadone.  At that point she was on Medicaid and Food Stamps. 


Being new to these services, she was unaware that they had to be updated every six months and showed up for a doctor’s appointment to get her 30 day prescription and was turned away.  Clara ricocheted into the worst withdrawal she had ever endured.  At first, she thought she would die, after the second day – she wanted to.  Because of her young children, she went on-line to try to find help.  She found a forum for people in her situation, and someone recommended Kratom.  To this day, Clara will tell you that “Kratom saved my life!  I felt like ME again!”  Kratom has been proven in medical studies to be a potential replacement for Methadone with opiate withdrawal.  Finally, because of Kratom, Clara was free.  She went on to start Imperial Kratom to help others, like her, stop killing themselves with drugs and live a clean and drug-free life!
Imperial Kratom only imports Kratom from where it is indigenous to.  We only pull from “Old Growth” trees and our powder is double milled and triple sifted to provide the highest quality and alkaloid concentrations available.  We have no weight from stems of veins of the leaf.  We pride ourselves in having the best quality Kratom on the market.
We not only sell single strains but offer blends that have been helpful to others or even do special blending upon request.  For people with higher tolerances, we have capsules that we have added 15% of a Kratom Extract to increase the potency of each capsule.  We also offer CBD Isolate blended Kratom capsules.

Our Experience

We have been in business for over a decade.  Imperial Kratom has helped countless people get off of opiates and several other drugs so they could each live a happy and clean life being productive members of society.  We try to be there for our customers in any way they need – be it through helping them find an alternative natural product or just listening to what a person is going through.  We are here for support, a sometimes-needed hug or even a swift kick in the butt to stop you from going back to getting high.

Our Goal

We started this company because of Clara’s addiction – Kratom saved her life! So, it is our goal to help anyone and everyone to kick drugs, get clean, and live a productive and happy life. We hope to provide the best-personalized experience and assistance in achieving Natural Health and Wellness to all the communities we are a part of or are welcomed into.

Customize your own blend

We will make any custom blend you would like to try. That should like to a custom blend request that requires 100, 400, or 800 capsule orders or any weight powder bags as delineated on first email last week

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our strategy offers a full refund in something like 30 days of your date of procurement

We are always here to support you!

Call or email us any time. 980-319-3145 or

Clara, Owner

Our creator and owner of Imperial Kratom is well known for her ability to relate to our customers and give them the upmost attention and care. She has had personal success with our product and strives to share her experiences with every community we become a part of. Her goal is to reach all people and make a difference in as many lives as possible!

Hannah, Customer Service Representative

I am the daughter of Clara and Craig, and I have been with my parents through every step of this journey. I watched what my mother went through and how Kratom saved her life. From then on out i have been a full supporter of this product and have witnessed what it is capable of doing by giving people their lives back. I am thrilled to have the position of customer service representative because I pride myself on my availability and readiness to be here for my customers in any way they need. Information, explanations or just someone to cry with. I am here, no matter what, you have my support and care.