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What is Kratom?


Kratom is....

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) comes from South Eastern Asia and is a tea in the coffee family, like coffee it can be a stimulant. It has been used for a variety of uses in traditional South Eastern medical systems for at least several hundred years for written recorded history. It is a leaf that is grinded up and sifted into a fine powder, that has been consumed for centuries for chronic pain management, depression and anxiety as well as energy or relaxation, This is a very versatile plant that has many strains that offer a multitude of different feelings. It is important to know that all people react differently to Kratom, we always encourage experimentation before settling with a strain or blend! 

Our Single Strains

  • Red Strains: We have three red strains; two Borneos and one Maeng da. Red Strains per our feedback from customers, is more relaxing and calming. Our red strains include; Ultra-Premium Bali, Royal Red Bali and Red Maeng Da.
  • White Strains: We have three white strains; Two Borneo, and one Maeng Da. The white strains tend to be reported as more energizing. Our customers say “Get up and Go” for folks that are on their feet all day and may need a little pick me up. Keep in mind kratom is in the Coffee Family. Our white strains include; Ultra Rare Thai, White Hulu Kapuas and the White Maeng Da. 
  • Green Strains: We have Two Green strains. Green Strains are known for balance- both a little energy and a little calming. They are said to be more cerebral-Helping with anxiety and depression as well. Our Green strains include; Super Green Malaysian a green borneo and Green Maeng Da. 
  • Brown Strains: We have one Vietnamese Strain we call Nam Da. This strain is also known for its balance. However, this one has more accolades from people with fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain issues that think this is best for pain. 
  • Yellow Strains: We have one Yellow strain called Napalm. Like the red strains it is known for its relaxing effects. Maybe more like the brown with pain with a relaxing component. 


Our Blends

Imperial Kratom is unique to the Kratom community because we offer never seen before blends and we also are always adding new ones! Kratom is endless in its capability to be tailored to your needs. With that being said when you blend kratom single strains together instead of canceling each other out in feelings they stack. For example, white and green blends give you a calm, focused energy! Red and Green blends give you a relaxed focus! Red and white blends give you a relaxed energy! So if coffee gives you jitters don't fear because we have a blend that works for you!