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Red Jongkong kratom is sourced from the Jongkong jungle. It’s harvested from old kratom trees growing naturally in the jungle. The Jongkong jungle is actually a part of Kalimantan Barat in India. This means that Jongkong kratom could also be considered an offshoot of Kali (Kalimantan) kratom. This part of Indonesia is where the Kapuas River flows. This is a lush and healthy area known for its productive vegetation.
The Jongkong village has used kratom for many thousands of years. Here, natives use the plant to help them with their workdays. It is also used to help relieve stress. Red Jongkong kratom is a red vein strain. While Red Jongkong does have a slightly red tint, it’s still closer to a green vein kratom in terms of its effects. Red Jongkong, like other red kratom strains, is known for producing relaxation and pain relief. This is different from green and white strains, which are noted for higher levels of stimulation. Red Jongkong functions similarly to other red strains. However, many users report that it errs on the stimulating side when compared to some of the more potent sedative strains like Red Bali.


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