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The Jongkong jungle is a beautiful stretch of highly biodiverse rainforest in Indonesia. This jungle has a huge variety of animals and birds, extremely abundant plant life, and rich soil that nourishes all of the plants and creatures that thrive here. Lucky for us, all of these valuable nutrients are also being hungrily sucked up by the kratom trees in the region. This is why Jongkong kratom is such a fantastic strain. But what makes White Jongkong any different than Yellow, Green, or Red Jongkong kratom? Among kratom consumers worldwide, the commonly-held belief is that kratom colors emerge because of the veins on the underside of the leaves.
White vein kratom strains are said to be harvested early on during the growing season when the veins are white. During this time, the plant is also believed to have more of the stimulating alkaloids present. As a white strain, you can expect this variety of Jongkong kratom to provide uplifting and stimulating benefits. Even at relatively high doses, white Jongkong is unlikely to cause any kind of relaxation. This is in contrast to other strains of kratom, most of which eventually lead to relaxation one way or another.White strains, on the other hand, don’t really provide any type of relaxation. After the stimulation wears off, you’ll probably return to baseline, but you won’t necessarily feel relaxed.


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